Headquarters For All Rebassed Platforms and Mobile Apps.

We provide quality alternatives to most of the popular Big Tech platforms out there, from music to video, social media to storage; all while protecting your rights to free speech and privacy using the latest network hardware, software, security, and encryption technologies.



Our primary platform is Rebassed.com - The Only Place For Bass! It is a private, paid, subscription-based platform, with tons of features, all tracks, downloads for offline use, and much more!


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All networks are free except for Rebassed.com. By choosing a Pro Plan on Rebassed.com you unlock Premium Features and get Verified Access on ALL Platforms.

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Rebassed.net is Our Very Own Social Network and 100% Free!


Where Bassheads Gather, and also where all Official Announcements and News is posted and shared. All the great features you enjoy such as Marketplace, Photos, Videos, Fundraisers, Events, Pages, Groups; even including Live Streaming. Easily create an account today with One Click using the easy access Facebook, Google, Twitter or VK buttons.


Say Goodbye to YouTube!


An excellent substitute for all the censorship on Google/YouTube. Give it a try! Upload up to 10GB Full 4k Videos, Post Shorts/Reels, Blogs, add any advertiser you want, and your own Analytics. You can Rent or Sell your own Movies/Videos, or you can Rent or Buy someone else's. More options than Big Tech, without all the censorship. Choose from hundreds of Advertising networks which are all compatible with us.


AnyUps.net is the Only Place You Should Store Your Files!


Looks and works just like Google Drive, but without all the censorship and restrictions on resources. Host any file, unlimited bandwidth, encrypted, secure, and lightning fast! Rebassed.com Pro Members get up-to 2TB of storage FREE! The platform is invite only. If you want an account, and you are a Pro Rebassed Member, simply let us know and we'll get you setup quickly.


Rebassed.Live is a Pandora Spotify Youtube Combined, and Store/Share Your Music Here Too!


Remix/Remaster audio? Become an Artist here! Familiar layout, but totally different features. Check it out! I use it daily. No ads, no interruptions, and Pro Members can upload their own music to share or store up to 25gb absolutely free and included in your Pro benefits.


Bass.Chat - The Loudest Chat Rooms on the Planet!


Bass.Chat launched a short while ago, but not utilized much yet. It's a cool site for people who want to relive the old AOL People Connection or Yahoo Chat days, but with new technology. Make your own chat rooms, password protect them, or make them public. Whatever you want it's 100% FREE, so have fun!


Rebassed.Store is Our Online Store. Everyone Loves Klippy!


Our Store has a ton of cool gear ready to be shipped. The quality is amazing. The colors, fit, and thread counts are top of the line. Everything is priced right at cost. Everyone loves our Logo and Mascot appropriately named: Klippy


TalksOS.com is a Free Speech alternative to Twitter.


TalksOS.com is pretty cool if you like the Twitter-Style Social Network. It's very fast, secure, stable, and I'm just about to launch a brand new mobile app, so check it out at your leisure. It's 100% FREE in all ways, including Free Speech.


AOK.WTF - Funny Name Serious Service.


It's frustrating searching for a domain name nowadays, because everything is taken, so I said: "Ok, WTF?" and so I searched for it, and voila new domain purchased. Then I put together an awesome service that everyone else charges for, and I made it 100% FREE top to bottom with No Advertisements!


Worldanon.com - Freedom Social Network For Everyone | Expect Us!


Worldanon.com serves up a heavy dose of what's possible, probable, and questions everything. There are full-fledged Anon, as well as everyday people. It's heavy on conspiracy; both truth and beyond what you can imagine, but everyone gets along. Maybe it's for you, maybe it isn't. The good news is it's 100% FREE and No Advertisements either.


AVP.LOL - Awesome Tools No BS!


Why not just give all the tools away for free? Everyone else loads ads, popups, and charges, but AVP.LOL is 100% free! So, rather than search 10 different sites to find the tools you need, you can just use one site without the nonsense.


GhostedMuzik.com - Soul Snatching Sounds!


Home of your favorite Rebassed, Remastered, Remixed, Chopped, and Screwed Edits you definitely have to check out GhostedMuzik.com, and you can CLICK HERE to get the Native Android GhostedMuzik mobile app directly from the Google Play Store.